Mental Retardation

5 10 2008

What Is Mental Retardation?

It helps to know what intelligence is first. Intelligence is a way of describing someone’s ability to think, learn and solve problems. Mental retardation is when someone has lower than average intelligence.

A person with mental retardation may have trouble learning, and may take longer to learn or have social skills. As in interacting with society,  making friends, etc.  People with mental retardation, at times, some cases, cannot take care of themselves and need some help.

Sometimes kids who have mental retardation get teased or bullied. This is wrong, because, nobody likes feeling isolated and unloved. A person with intellectual disabilities is still a person , and they should be treated kindly like everyone else is.  They like to have, like other kids, adult and teens.

Having mental retardation, requires help at school, to learn and behave. Some people take life skills. Which is skills that they can use when they are older, so for example taking the bus or getting to work.  With all this help and kindness, more and more people with mental retardation are able to support themselves and live on their own.

What Causes Mental Retardation?

Mental Retardation is caused when some damage/injury to the brain or problem prevents, or does not let the brain from growing or developing normally. Mental retardation is not a disease. Many times we don’t know why a person has mental retardation. These problems can happen while the baby is growing inside his or her mom, during the baby’s birth, or after the baby is born.

While a Baby Is Growing

If a pregnant mom gets sick , it can cause problems with the baby, such as mental retardation. Some medicines, which are OK to take when a woman is not pregnant, can cause serious problems if a woman takes them when she is going to have a baby. A woman also can put her baby at risk of mental retardation if she drinks or does drugs during here pregnancy.

Mental retardation is a genetic problem, so they can receive it, if someone from their family has it. Like their grandparents,  parents or great grandparents and so on.. So it could be genetics.

During the Birth

If there is a problem during childbirth so that the baby’s brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen it can cause mental retardation.

After the Baby Is Born

Sometimes the baby is born without any problems, but he or she gets a serious infection as a young baby. An infection on how the brain develops. If a serious head injury occurs then it can also cause mental retardation to a baby or older kid.

How Do Doctors Know If Someone Has Mental Retardation?

Doctors figure out that a person has mental retardation by testing how well the person thinks and solves problems, a kind of IQ test. If a baby or kid is positive mental retardation, doctors and other professionals come together with the family to find out what is help is needed. Just like your parents, taking you for tutoring if you’re doing badly in a subject, like math or english.

Can Mental Retardation Be Prevented?

Sometimes mental retardation can be prevented but not always. There are a few tests that can be done if someone is having the risk of having a child with medical conditions, including mental retardation as a condition.  When a woman is pregnant, it’s important that she eats healthy foods and avoids alcohol and drugs. And after a baby is born, blood tests are done to check for certain problems. Some of these problems can cause mental retardation, but if they are treated right away, mental retardation can be prevented. There is a higher risk for medical problems, such as mental retardation, if a pregnant woman drinks or takes drugs, smokes or does all the options I listed.

It’s also important for kids to care that they don’t hurt they’re head.  Kids should be safe so that they don’t injure their heads with things like seat belts on. The same goes for older kids, seat belts in the car and helmets in sports if required.

What’s It Like to Have Mental Retardation?

‘Just like all kids, those with mental retardation want to develop their skills to the best of their abilities. They need to go to school, play, and feel support from loving families and good friends. What can you do? If you know someone who has mental retardation, be a friend!”



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5 10 2008

I have never met someone with mental retardation.

You can be sure that if I did thought, I’d be kind, gentle and thoughful about that person so that they could feel normal and loved like anyone else in the world.

1 01 2010

Thanks for the information!!

26 01 2010

your welcome :)

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